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Not only is Jackie Hole our killer 5 Octave Range Vocalist – she’s also a qualified vocal coach and authorised teacher of the Complete Vocal Technique – a revolutionary vocal training programme.

Fully qualified / authorised CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) Teachers and Vocal Coaches  have spent at least 3 years studying the voice and undergoing rigorous teacher training to deliver the best possible vocal coaching.

The CVT system was devised by Cathrine Sadolin in Copenhagen at the Complete Vocal Institute.

The system is

  • Simple to understand
  • Fast and effective
  • Suitable for any level from beginner to pro

Fast Effective Training

The technique is designed for YOU to get the most out of YOUR voice without the old fashioned notion that you have to train for years before you can attempt certain sounds. We teach you using modern singing techniques that enable you to make the sounds you wish without fear, without vocal damage, and with confidence.

Find Vocal Confidence

We totally understand the terror of standing on stage all alone… our founder Jackie Hole stopped singing for over 20 years due to crippling stage fright and a lack of confidence. The CVT technique allows you to feel totally confident that your voice won’t let you down so that you don’t have to fear hitting the high notes or feeling uncomfortable in front of crowds.

We can show you how to get the most of your voice without telling you how you ‘should’ sound. It is your voice and it is totally up to you how you want to sound.

Easy To Understand

The system explains the voice in layers – Get the overall principles right > choose your mode > choose your sound colour > put the icing on the top with effects. We can teach you all of these things – the rest is up to you!

Suitable For All Levels


If you are a beginner we can give you the best foundations to start singing, show you how to support your voice correctly and use the best technique to avoid bad habits and future damage

Seasoned Pro

If you are a fully seasoned pro, we have you covered. All of our teachers are professional performers and know the effort required to keep the voice match fit day after day of performing. As with all skills, it is easy to pick up bad habits that could end up damaging your voice long term or make you feel hoarse.