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If you are looking for a band for your wedding, party, function, event or gig, chances are your first stop was to search online.

What you probably found was a host of online entertainment agencies giving you a great choice of bands to choose from but if you look carefully you will see many bands listed as willing to play in your area but in reality are several hundred miles away.

Using an agency (according to agencies) can mean security and peace of mind but it can also mean that you are paying unnecessarily for things that you don’t need when a local band may be better value.


11 Reasons to Hire a Local Band for your event

  • Familiar Faces – chances are someone you know will know or have seen a member of a local band playing so you can be sure they are quality musicians
  • Local Bands are Local – so you know where they live
  • No Hidden Transport Costs – local bands don’t need a tour bus or an expensive entourage. They also don’t need to travel for 200 miles to get to your gig. Worst case is a taxi home and collecting the gear the next day which means that costs are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Strong Local Networks – most local musicians know each other and often play together so if one player is involved in a bizarre gardening accident they can usually be temporarily replaced with another local – the show must go on!
  • Local Reputation – locally not all PR is good PR – if people think a band is unreliable or doesn’t play very well – you would be surprised how quickly it gets round. Local bands that are unreliable (or no good) – do not get asked back – it’s that simple
  • No Hidden Fees – buying locally means all of your investment goes to the musicians and the costs they incur on the day or preparations they have made for the day – not to third parties as commissions.
  • Local Bands are often less expensive – entertainment agencies have much higher costs that are passed on to you
  • Local Bands are great value – The average musician needs to cover the cost of equipment, instruments, insurance, transport, rehearsals, learning new songs and the service provided on the day – not forgetting all those years of dedication or lessons that made them the great players they are today. Only a fraction of this is actually passed on to you
  • Local Bands have contracts too! – any contract is legally binding not just agency contracts so if you book unless something that is listed in your force majeur happens – you will definitely have a band to play for your event. Bear in mind that contracts protect both parties from last minute cancellations!
  • You Can Try Before You Buy – chances are there will be a local gig where you can see local musicians play before you hire them. Most bands also have online MP3 Demos or live videos for you to watch if that is not possible before your event
  • Local Bands are just another local business – and like any local business, local bands provide a local service whilst also helping to support the thriving local music scene. Booking local musicians for your event helps keep live music very much alive, ensures that they care about your event and encourages more generations of budding musicians to keep playing.

If you would like more information about how we can help with your local event – please contact us. If we are not suitable – we probably know someone locally that is