tst-album A fantastically talented 4 piece Event, Party and Wedding Cover Band based in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Colchester. Available for hire in Suffolk, Essex and London.Between us we’ve played with most of the well known local bands for over 2 decades. We’ve also been involved in sessions and are often asked to provide music for local events from garden parties to pub gigs to large music events like Stowblues and the Ipswich Music Day – the largest free one day music event in the UK.After years of playing with other bands, we decided to join forces and create a new group to cater for all styles with a variety of line ups depending on your requirements – as such, we bring you The Super Things.
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Our Music

We play all types of music – Pop, Blues, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Folk – you name it! As such we have various sets that we can provide for your music event. Choose our popular wedding / party set to help your guests dance the night away, laid back acoustic music, smokey jazz for cocktail events or we can turn it up to number 11 with a full on blues or rock set.

The Super Things Band

Main Band

Real Name: Jackie Hole
Has been working as an undercover session agent for over 10 years. Last seen training at an elite vocal facility in a top secret location. Jackie is head of The Super Things comms and has an array of superpowers to unleash on the unsuspecting public.
Super Powers: 5.5 Octave Range that can stop people dead in their tracks.
Weakness: Free beer is the only way to destroy VoxZilla’s powers.
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Real Name: Mark Stuart
Found in Christchurch park under a full moon, Mark has been playing in bands since he was a nipper which has been perfect cover for his mission here on earth. So laid back he is almost horizontal but give him a guitar and he is transformed into a Titanium fingered Guitar Ninja.
Super Powers: Riffs that stun and deadly grooves
Weakness: This guitar hero has no weakness
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“Baby” Dodds
Real Name: Ben Diffley
Reincarnated from second gen New Orleans Jazz Drum traditions – Diffly is a mental metronome to be reckoned with that beats them til they’re blue. Regular local session drummer and member of at least 5,000 other bands!
Super Powers: Charm Bandit! This guy will have you saying yes and handing over your money before you realise what hit you…
Weakness: Neon lighting and spandex – local discos or jogging bring this guy down like a domino
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Super Bass
Real Name: Pat Gruber
Our very own bassline Junkie that drops em like it’s hot and kicks it like a VIP. If it wasn’t for Pat there would be no affordably recorded local bands in da area *cough* Gemini Studios Plug *cough*
Super Powers: Supersonic Hearing and the ability to make you think without saying anything at all “another take yeah?”
Weakness: Spills everything – all cups of tea must be placed on the floor
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Regular Guests

Bomb The Bass
Real Name: Charles Rickards
Original Blues Man turned Rockfather turned Uptown Funkster. Charles has been playing bass so deep for so long that his DNA has permanently mutated (which explains the beard)
Super Powers: Sonic Attack from the filthiest drops imaginable
Weakness: Easily blindsided with a cuppa and a Chocolate Hob Nob
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Real Name: Johnny Miller
If we tell you any more we will have to kill you
Super Powers: No matter what he’s doing or where he is – he can be back in a minute.
Weakness: Never ask him what the time is or when he will arrive
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Real Name: Mark Perkins
Mark has probably depped with more bands than any of us have had hot dinners due to his ability to turn up and play anything like a BOSS while singing like a diva at the same time. Does not remind anyone of Phil Collins… nope
Super Powers: The ability to conjure big funky assed beats out of thin air. Known to hypnotize crowds with rhythm rendering them powerless to fight the urge to dance.
Weakness: Requests for Achy Breaky Heart or Maria Carey’s Hero are like Kryptonite
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Real Name: Todd
Super Powers: TBC
Weakness: TBC
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Real Name: Robbie Dunne
Super Powers: TBC
Weakness: TBC
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