tst-album The Superthings also have a duo version so if you have an event that wants music for a relaxed atmosphere, aid back party, wedding afternoon slot before the main event or just want to hear your favourite tunes played slightly differently – then The Superthings Duo may be what you are looking for

The Super Things Duo

Real Name: Jackie Hole
Has been working as an undercover session agent for over 10 years. Last seen training at an elite vocal facility in a top secret location. Jackie is head of The Super Things comms and has an array of superpowers to unleash on the unsuspecting public.
Super Powers: 4.5 Octave Range that can stop people dead in their tracks.
Weakness: Free beer is the only way to destroy VoxZilla’s powers.
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Real Name: Mark Stuart
Found in Christchurch park under a full moon, Mark has been playing in bands since he was a nipper which has been perfect cover for his mission here on earth. So laid back he is almost horizontal but give him a guitar and he is transformed into a Titanium fingered Guitar Ninja.
Super Powers: Riffs that stun and deadly grooves
Weakness: This guitar hero has no weakness
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